Generating you more jobs with the Tree Service growth funnel

Building Your Authority, Your Audience, and Generating Jobs

Generating you more jobs with the Tree Service growth funnel

Building Your Authority, Your Audience, and Generating Jobs




We build a strong online presence and establish brand authority in your area. We do that by engaging in content marketing. We share educational content related to tree services on your behalf..


We Attract potential customers by using advertising platforms like Facebook and Instagram to target your local market with ads. Then we drive traffic to your website and online pages. Turning viewers into customers

Job Generation

Once we have your authority and audience set we generate qualified job leads every week. We reduce your reliance on third-party services and we get potential customers to contact your business directly. That's how we create a predictable source of jobs.


To scale to your monthly profit goals, we first determine the number of leads you need per day based on your desired monthly revenue and close rate. For example, if your close rate is 20% and you need 20 jobs per month to hit your target, you'll need around 3-4 leads per day. We'll gradually increase your ad spend to attract more leads, monitoring the return on investment to ensure efficiency. This allows us to control how many jobs you take on, scaling up or down as needed to meet your goals while ensuring quality service.


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Eddie From Blue Diamond Tree & Landscapes

75 Message Leads In 1 Month

Christian's Tree Service - Danbury, CT

About Us

"I started TreeLead Accelerator with the goal of helping tree service companies grow and excel at what they do best—cutting trees—without the constant worry of where their next job will come from. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support and resources that empower these companies to thrive in a competitive market, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional service and expanding their business with confidence." - Ben Keville - Founder & CEO TreeLead Accelerator

Frequently Asked Questions

How can your marketing strategies specifically help my tree service business attract more high-paying clients?

We focus on targeted advertising, emphasizing high-value services and using data-driven strategies to reach clients willing to pay premium rates.

Can you provide examples of successful campaigns you've run for other tree service businesses?

Yes, we've helped several tree service companies increase their lead generation by over 50% within three months through tailored ad campaigns and strategic content marketing.

How do you measure the success of your marketing campaigns, and what kind of reporting will I receive?

We track key metrics like lead generation, conversion rates, and ROI. You’ll receive detailed monthly reports outlining performance and insights.

How do you handle budget allocation and ad spend to ensure the best return on investment for my business?

We continuously monitor and adjust ad spend based on performance data, focusing on the most cost-effective channels to maximize your ROI.

What kind of content do you create to promote tree service businesses, and how does it help in attracting clients?

We create a variety of content including blog posts, videos, and social media updates that showcase your expertise, highlight successful projects, and provide valuable information to potential clients, helping to build trust and attract leads.

How quickly can we expect to see results from your marketing efforts?

You can typically expect to see initial results within 2-3 weeks, such as increased website traffic and engagement, while more substantial lead generation and client conversions may take about 2-3 months as campaigns are optimized.